vatic.kalshi module

class vatic.kalshi.Kalshi

Bases: object

vatic.manifold module

Interfacing with Manifold Markets.

class vatic.manifold.Bet(data)

Bases: object

Represents a bet made on Manifold.

class vatic.manifold.BinaryMarket(manifold, data)

Bases: Market

class vatic.manifold.FreeResponseMarket(manifold, data)

Bases: Market

class vatic.manifold.Manifold(auth=None, dest='')

Bases: object

bet(market, amount, outcome)

Place a bet.

  • market – The market on which to place a bet. This can be either a Market or a string with the market ID.

  • amount – The amount of M$ to bet.

  • outcome – The expected outcome.


The outcome of the bet.


Error – if something failed.

binary_market(question, description, closeTime, tags, initialProb=50)

Create a binary market.

free_response_market(question, description, closeTime, tags)

Create a free response market.


Fetch list of markets.


Fetch a list of users.

class vatic.manifold.Market(manifold, data)

Bases: object

Represents a market posted to Manifold.

bet(amount, outcome)

Place a bet.

This is an alias for the corresponding call to the parent Manifold instance.

class vatic.manifold.User(data)

Bases: object

Represents a user on Manifold.

vatic.metaculus module

class vatic.metaculus.Metaculus(dest='')

Bases: object

class vatic.metaculus.Question

Bases: object

class vatic.metaculus.User

Bases: object

vatic.predictit module